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Originally Posted by JBarstad View Post
Aero, and lift was actually something I was thinking about the other day, although for different reasons. I was thinking about some tasteful (this part is key) mods to help with engine bay airflow since the 2.8 runs so hot.

I was thinking about hood mods, and possibly tweaking the fog light surrounds, but it got me thinking about the impact of additional under car airflow, and reduced stability. Granted... probably not much impact below 100, but every now, and then when the opportunity to track my car arises, I don't want to find out my "improvements" weren't.

Do some searches both in SAABCentral and overall. I think there is a lot written that hood scoops and the like actually do not help improve air flow in the engine bay but hurt it. I would think SAAB engineers were well aware of the heat issue and did what they could to maximize cooling.

While moving I have never had the 2.8L overheat and when I get home after a hot run I immediately open the hood in the garage to bleed off heat as quickly as possibly. Doe sit help? Dunno, but it makes me feel better
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