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i just wanted to update this post if anyone is interested.

First, I have not had much luck with stick-on wheel weights. The seem to come off at less that 100 miles or so, when applied to a clean wheel.

Since the car is 21 years old, I don't care if the weights are on the inside or the outside, as long as the wheel/tire combination stays balanced.

Now, the new stuff. There are 8 types of clip-on wheel weights, and come in various weights. The new ones don't contain lead and are coated so as not to corrode where they touch the wheel.

A Saab wheel takes a type IAW wheel weight. The inside edge of that weight is tapered at a 45 degree angle to fit the inside of the wheel. One of the weights from an old wheel verified this.

For more information about wheel weights check out this site:

... Ron
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