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Old 1st January 2019
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Happy New Year!
Iím new to the forum and this is my first post! I have some clutch questions and thought I should revive this thread rather then posting a new one, since it has the majority of clutch info already.

Quick back story: I have a 2006 9-3 Aero 2.8t Manual with 126k on it. Had it tuned at BCB (stage 2) in September, and within a month the clutch started to slip (the usual 6th first, then all the way down to 2nd). Itís ok when driven calmly around town, just slips at wot.

After reading all I can on clutches for this car, it seems like the Sachs Performance Clutch would be the best fit for me, as I donít plan on crazy power levels for this car (nothing more than the equivalent 400 lb/ft tq tunes) and I like that it is OEM quality parts. But it isnít cheap (~$630) and Iíve also been thinking of ditching the DMF, which isnít cheap either, and not very performance oriented. But a SMF would require going with an aftermarket clutch and I donít really want or need one, especially at my power levels and the shortened life span/quality issues they seem to have.

However, in this thread (page 16 I believe), I noticed another potential option that seemed to get overlooked. Sachs Performance lists a sprung organic clutch disk as compatible for the Opel Vectra C 2.8t. Since all parts from that car seem to be compatible with our 9-3 2.8ís Iím wondering if you could pair this with the uprated pressure plate from the sachs performance clutch kit, and a SMF (from Spec maybe) and it could be another option for the 2.8 to convert us to a SMF while using quality Sachs parts.

Here are the parts Iím considering:
Sachs Performance Sprung Clutch disk: 881861.999615
Sachs Performance Uprated Pressure Plate: 883082.001783 (the same one that normally comes in the Sachs Perf clutch kit)
Spec Steel 2.8t Flywheel: SS23S-4

The clutch disk itself is only rated for 450nm, but Iím guessing that combined with the Uprated Pressure Plate the rating would be the same as the normal Sachs Performance Clutch Kit (550nm). So weíre not talking about an option for the high HP guys, but should work for Stage 0/1 people.

Does anyone have any insight into if this setup would fit?

My concerns are:
- if the dimensions of the clutch disk are the same, will it fit? Or are there other factors to consider?
- Can a Spec flywheel be mated to a non-Spec clutch?
- Can the Uprated Pressure plate work with both sprung and solid hub clutch disks?
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