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Old 19th September 2016
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Originally Posted by Jaco2k View Post
So, the Sachs kit is in and... I couldn't be more happy.
Shop told me that slave cylinder had failed and was leaking - old clutch was soaked in oil.
Pretty sure that the slave cylinder had been replaced on the previous work. Why it failed? Dunno... Spec's design fault? Wrong installation?

Either way, I can only say I love this Sachs setup right now. It is much nicer to drive out of the box and I need to see what happens after the break-in period.

I need to drive it quite a bit and, with Winter soon hitting Finland and the change to snow tires, it will be 6 months or so before I know what this clutch really can do.

Hope all the other alternative solutions also prove to be great.
The Spec Stage 3+ definitely left me disappointed. Tempted to ship it back to Spec and see what they have to say about it.
How did this work out? Can you post the part numbers or are these the right ones:

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