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I have had the CG Motorsports 777 clutch kit installed for 2 weeks now and I have driven 600 km with it. I also installed Wavetrac's LSD at the same time. Although the clutch disc is a 6-puck design, it is not (for me at least) very grabby. I think it is engaging much better and easier than the stock one I had . Clutch pedal has a strange feeling, it feels like pressing a tennis ball against a floor with your foot. Engaging point is very precise and easy to control. Only time I have had a judder from the clutch is when taking off on a hill. I suppose the reason is that because you have to slip the clutch, the ceramic pads heat up fast and get very grabby. SMF is pretty loud on idle but otherwise I think the engine vibrates less. My DMF's springs were shot so that may give the perception of a smoother ride now. All and all I have to recommend this kit. What comes to the LSD, I think it is a must in this car. Yesterday I made my first WOT and my god it pulls straight and grips like nothing before.

I used by Wavetrac's recommendations, Motul Gear 300 gearbox oil. I had Redline MTL and MT-90 mixture before but because the LSD's warranty does not cover when using it, I had to change. Comparing these two, I have to say that the Motul feels nicer and the gears go in easier.

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