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Default Air distribution box problems

Well, back to SAAB-land again but with a 2000 9-3 that l bought just before X-Mas/15.........still have my 96 900 SE but top troubles are annoying and not rectified regards to this air distrib box(adb) malady.....
The 9-3 l bought had its air position selector knob already broken. That was fixed by Crazy glueing the piece back in place then a wrap of fine wire then the affected area was 5 minute epoxied----she ah go ah nowhere.
After reading from this site and other SAAB sites and then really getting a grip on this adb situation(screws to push apart the box/warpage/replacement costs, etc), l followed disassembly procedures to the point l could rotate the barrel/drum by hand from either driver's or passenger's side. le. l did not take out the adb but gained access to the drum/barrel with removal of the larger ducting tubes.....mine would rotate easy/no binding as suggested by this "warping" condition of the adb/vents, etc. but occasionally it would hang-up at the extremes, ie. knob all the way down or all the way up positions(feet or defrost).
At this point, going through the entire field of rotation, l liberally spray lubed from either side, any and all moving/sliding parts/area with Castrol Motorcycle Chain lube. This spray penetrates/coats well, does not want to be pushed off, and doesn't react with the plastic.......the smell isn't objectionable( to me but there's no accounting for taste!) and it was gone by the next can use that "toilet paper stick/"loo holder" plastic connecter-thingee to assist in making the drum go through its range of rotation.
Upon manually working the drum to its extremes of travel, when it did hang-up(it felt as if something was catching it/on a edge or protrusion), l basically worked it back and forth in that area for about a half hour. This l repeated at both areas of it "jamming" to the point where l believe it wore away/smoothed-out this interference. To this date(Jan 20/16) it hasn't hung-up or jammed................l'd really like to get an adb in hand to see what is actually causing this jamming but good enough for now.........
l must add that the main reason why l have 3 SAABs( the 96 900, this 00 9-3, and a complete but blown 95 900 with that 2.5l v6 piece of convoluted and highly stressed timing belt malarchy) is because "her ability to take her top off"............neat cars, unique and rare around here(Niagara Falls, Ont), turbo quickness and "fun" but not too impressed with the bs one has to deal with: parts, service, that Tech2 situation, and as far as l have delved into these machines, how they are put together. You know, this "snap-tite model" construction. What kills me is how much these SAABs were brand new! Like, 35-45k!
My 9-3's stereo system(AS1 l believe) is nothing compared to the 900 SE's wrt sound.................say, is there a way to use/install the AM/FM/cassette/single CD radio head unit, that l've seen/l think it's from the AS2 or a 9-5 car in place of my 9-3's AM/FM/single CD radio head? l've read about the marriage/divorce malarchy and about DICE swapping....l'd really like to have that cassette feature in my 9-3..........
Anywho, l hope what worked for me and the adb is worry is that bloody T7/pcv/sludging, how badly did SAAB/GM screw-up things visa vis the 9000 years and even with the T5 years????? Gee-zuss
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