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Default Making a Hybrid 234/235 engine

Well just got done and the engine is going in today. I put together list of what you need from each engine and what it takes. i think I have it all covered. Found stuff out by reading lots of posts and talkgin to people people ( wpressley, and few others)

Put it all in one place for future reference:

I just built one and am installing it now. Use the T7 head and all the lowers from a 94 9000.
Few Tidbits to make it easier if you tryÖ
Only 94 and above blocks work.

You need to use the 9-5 timing gear/balance chains and all. It might be easier just to pull the balance shafts and plug the holes, genuinesaab makes the plugs. It makes it much cheaper and you don't have to fiddle with the differences in balance shaft gears. But in case you want to keep them you need to know that the obd II cars ( 96 and above I think ) use the same balance shaft bushings and gears as the 9-5 but the earlier ( 94-95) 9000 OBD I Balance shaft gears are different, all the other bits work no matter the year ( 94 and above). The balance gears on the non- 0bdII have a bit of a sleeve on them that help them clear the obdI balance shaft bushing collar.

You need to move the oil pressureswitch to the other port in the rear of the block ( under where the starter is) and move the plug over

You use the 9-5 timing cover and oil pump. It would be nice if the 9000 pump worked here but it wonít fit into the housing. If you can figure out how to use the 9000 timing cover ( and I will try in my next one) good for you, you get the higher capacity 9000 pump.

You need to use the 9-5 oil pan, you will need to remove the alignment pin in the 9000 block.

You need to use the 9-5 dip stick tube. To do that you need to remove the barbed sleeve in the dip stick port of the 9000 block. The 9-5 tube fits in there with a new o-ring.

You keep the entire lower 9000 rotating assembly, crank, pulley, rods pistons. They are not as good from a geometry pint of view, the pistons are heavy, and bigger and it has shorter rods, which means more rotating mass and larger rod angles not good for hi RPM but the pistons are beefier.

Use the 9-5 crank pulley and balancer

You must use a 9000 head gasket, it is thicker and necessary to get the proper valve clearance, otherwise you will hit the valves. The 9-5 pistons have valve indents to help here. Don't worry if the headgasket looks like it covers some of the water ports it the head it will still flow fine and get plenty of cooling.

You will need to use the 9-5 235 oil filter attachment housing, the 9000 has oil cooling lines oriented in the wrong direction for the 9-5 oil cooler

You need to use the 9000 intermediate oil galley pipe that goes from the oil filter housing to the block. The 9-5 one is flared and will not fit. Use the same o-rings in each.

Use the 9-5 intake. If you want to swap to a later or Aero model intake remember that the earlier models have a bit of a different MAP pressure sensor and the injectors are different on the air injected 99 models.
You need to use the 9-5 flywheel.

Thatís about it I think.

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