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Originally Posted by Visse
jperk, on my '02 9-5 Aero what turbo intake pipe would I have? Is it quite restrictive compared to the one sold at GS for $310. I imagine in order to put the KC it will take quite a bit of worK?
You have the one on the right in the pic below....the one of the left is obviously the KC from the '06+ 9-5s.

Installing the KC was a bit of work, nothing difficult, just time consuming...but its the best performing cobra pipe you can get, so time well invested. It was the first time I ever pulled a tubro, it wasn't as bad as I thought.

From a previous post of my on SC, here are the needed steps:

You actually have to remove both the exhaust and intake housings. You must remove the exhaust housing first to be able to get to the 3+" snap ring holding the compressor housing in. The exhaust housing is easy to take off, just removed the clamp and then a couple whacks with a rubber mallot and it comes apart. The intake housing is easy as well, however you need a snap ring tool capable to taking off a 3+" snap ring. I purchased a Snap-On Tools snap ring plier for $24 shipped:

Steps required:
1. Drain coolant
2. Drain oil and remove oil filter.
3. Remove old cobra pipe
4. Remove downpipe (don't forget to unplug the O2 sensors!)
5. Remove the oil hard line from turbo*
6. Remove both coolant hard lines from Turbo*. Don't get freaked out by the banjo bolt going into the will come out with a slight wiggle.
7. Remove the oil drain neck from the turbo (2 bolts)
8. Remove the turbo from the exhaust manifold
9. Remove exhaust housing from Turbo (see above)
10. Remove snap ring holding compressor housing on (WEAR SAFETY GLASSES!!!!!) and seperate the housing.

* with the limited room to get those banjo bolts on the hard lines out, I suggest getting a 12mm thin & stubby/shorty open end wrench. I picked up this one from Napa which worked very well:

(this guy would work as well:

To make the install complete you will need:
1. New Turbo to exhaust manifold gasket
2. New rubber seal (black) from KC outlet to Turbo inlet.
3. New rubber seal (teal) for the dump valve air inlet to the KC
4. All new copper washers for all banjo bolts. I suggest getting these from GS as they are 1/10th the price as getting them from saab.
5. New exhaust lock nuts for the DP and turbo-to-exhaust manifold. I used very nice VW copper exhaust lock nuts (VW Part #: N-902-002-01), At only $1.50 each from VW, they are 1/5th the price as getting from Saab and much nicer as you will see. You will need 7 of these. If you end up needing new Studs, you can use VW part number N-044-411-5 (M8x1.25x35), again 1/5th the price than getting from Saab.
6. 1 new oil filter, 1 drain plug washer, and new oil
7. 1 gallon of Saab coolant and 1 gallon of distilled water.
8. New oil drain neck-to-Turbo gasket (Saab Part #: 90-490-305 - $2.19)
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