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: 2.0T&2.0t 5sp only

8th March 2015, 05:58 PM
I just want you guys to know that im not trying to start another clutch topic of what parts? or is there other setup? There is only one setup and is the 2005 euro Saab diesel single mass flywheel, can't remember if it's a 1.8 or 1.9 liter and the upgrade clutch kit from the ionredline or the cobalt ss sc, again this is the only setup for the 5sp and that's final! of the owners that have done the clutch upgrade, how long have you had this setup for? What is the highest stage and by whom? And did the shop or dealer gave you any problems about having parts that don't belong to your car? And how much was the bill? I have stage 1 by mps since last summer and my car is about to hit 100k, so I want to replace the clutch before it goes, I have a heavy foot and I want to take the car to the race track and record stage1 1/4 mile times and then I want to go stage 3 and do the 1/4 mile and record it.