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: Did I tell you my saga with installing a performance exhaust?

5th September 2014, 11:59 AM
Huh just noticed I never told you guys my saga with installing a BSR exhaust kit.
Lets start from the beginning. It was February when I was sitting and thinking what else I could do to the car. My choice landed on exhaust. After some research I got to the conclusion that Hirsch is just a tad to expensive, knowing what I know about cars... I decided on BSR.

Contacted the local dealer for BSR in the states (very nice guy and knowledgeable ...got more stuff from him since then - if you need his info let me know) after he contacted BSR directly and them confirming they have the product for my needs all was ordered.

Each day I was anxiously checking my deliveries and within, I would say a week, I received it.

It did look gorgeous. All those shinny parts in my garage, I felt really good about this. I believe it was a Saturday.

I can hang you a picture on a wall but not install an exhaust so within 5 mins of unpacking my mind started racing...where can I get this done...its simple right? it is just a pipe and some bits...not worth waiting for a real mechanic...Hmmmmm let throw it into the trunk, ride and search...

5 mins later I pass a Meineke store. Perfect.

I get inside and this tired mechanic looks at it and straight off started with, -can I have the parts that I cut off?
Now normal people would say...hmm dodgy place time to leave, me?, im like..hmmm nah I'll keep the parts just get it done.

(Turns out the exhaust is a bolt on application and does not require cutting etc..)

2 hours later I pick up the car..parked outside.

Sunday we take a family trip. Me..the Dad..The man of the House - proud owner of a new exhaust, cannot stop accelerating at any given chance.

Suddenly I hear a Sound..that I could describe as aggressive rattling..BRRR..sounds like your transmission is gone.

We stop the car, I turn it on again..sound is gone..we drive slowly back home.

Monday I go to work..hills , countryside, left and rights, windy road no traffic lights perfect. Park the car no sounds ( im thinking maybe I picked something up like a screw from the road itself, it got tangled and untangled itself..dont laugh thats how people like me think) The only thing I notice is the smell of something getting burnt.

Cutting storry short the banging of course came back and the smell was just worring me. Finally I drove to my mechanic John. @amazing transmissions best mechanic in North Jersey. Plus he is honest.

He didnt comment on the fact that I did something without him we pull up the car and this is what we see.

The protective film from the mufflers are half melted..the meineke guy didn't bother tpo take that off, he cut the pipe wrong, he did the WORST welding job on earth and the mufflers are practically sitting on the rear strut bar. This is causing the rattling that sounds like your transmission is gone.

John kept the welding he had to cut out and uses it as paperweight in his front office to show people what bad welding looks like..

Here are some pictures of how things looked.




I need to get back to work but I have this saga is far from over..TB continued...

5th September 2014, 03:58 PM
I didn't notice I cannot edit my thread, so I had to reply to my own post.

John from "amazing" cut out the bad welding and replaced the bad piece.

http://i1050.photobucket.com/albums/s420/tpp007/newpiece_zpsf1029922.jpg">http://i1050.photobucket.com/albums/s420/tpp007/newpiece_zpsf1029922.jpg (http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/tpp007/media/newpiece_zpsf1029922.jpg.html)

He had to fiddle with the mufflers to get some space, which he eventually managed to do.


After all that I managed to pull out the protective film that did not yet melt. All was good, a couple of months later, one alignment and a few potholes (not difficult to find if you live in NJ) and BAM! I get a very similar Grinding noise. Stopped the car , waited , started over and the sound was gone, once It started though you could only stop it by turning off the car.

Back to John I go. After long inspection he noticed that the oblong resonator is very close to the drive shaft. Sometimes it would hit the resonator and cause a bouncing effect. He is sure the original one was placed differently and maybe a bottle shaped one? . I contacted BSR and they suggested I twist it more.. This however would make the resonator be close to the ground and that is a risk of losing the whole exhaust all together


Notice how close the resonator is to the drive shaft?

We finally decided to push the resonator forward and tuck it sideways so it would not cause trouble. After more cutting and welding we ended up with this :



After all this the car runs without hiccups. Now in case you are wondering why.. I'm just writing this for all of you out there that want to improve your cars but don't have the DYI abilities. My advice to you is:
A) Take your time ..research each project you want to do.
B) Have it done by a pro . You will save yourself lots of grief and maybe even save the car.
C) Remember nothing turns out as simple as you are told. Expect problems so have a plan B.
D) Keep all your parts! They might come handy

Thats it folks.

Enjoy your rides.;ol;

5th September 2014, 04:38 PM
Wow, what a saga.

FYI, you can edit your post up to a point (a month?), but there is a pic limit. That's probably what the problem was.

6th September 2014, 01:21 AM
Awful. I wouldn't even call than welding. Looks like a 5-year old's art project.

Meineke, Car-X, Merlin, Midas = all horrible choices for exhaust work.

Glad you got it sorted out though.

11th September 2014, 10:19 AM
I had a similar story with replacing the exhaust on a Nissan I own. Ordered a cat-back, was too excited and took it to a Monroe Mufflers. I should have know better when after a few hours they said they couldn't get it on, the welder was losing tips, and to bring it back tomorrow.

Brought it back, they "finish" the job. The truck is hissing under throttle. They tell me its because its a performance exhaust.

Next day, pool of condensation under the truck at all weld points. Looks like the OP. Weld tips everywhere. At one point the worker (these guys don't deserve to be called mechanics or welders) must have given up getting a tight seal and threw a clamp on + muffler patch sealant.

Again I take it back - BUT this time I demand a refund. They try one more time. I leave, same issue.

Next day I take it to a reputable shop. They do an excellent job.

To Monroe's credit, I did bring back the parts showing the terrible weld and eventually they gave me a refund. But it did take some persistance on my part. (Basically threatening to review them everywhere I could find on the internet.)

This is why I try to do everything myself. Unfortunately I can't weld. But I shudder at the poor customers who end up taking thier cars to these places for suspension or brake work.