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: 42lb injectors?

4th December 2013, 12:30 AM
Hi everyone! New here and I like my new ride( 2005 9-3 arc) a lot different coming from a subaru owner, anyway lots of turbo lag in this saab :oso I did some research ..... Stage 1 2 and 3 a couple of upgrades too like intake and catback etc. so my question is....... I found a bunch of performance parts from my old 2005 saturn ion redline in my basement that I forgot about and one of those parts are the old 42lb injectors with the harness, will they fit? One is supercharged and this saab is turbo but and I might be wrong when I say that the motor is pretty much the same, oh and for the longest time I miss the third gear on the redline 90+ mph and I won't be missing it anymore cause this saab has the same gearing:cheesy:

4th December 2013, 09:43 AM
Welcome to SC, glad you're enjoying your new 9-3.

As far as performance upgrades go, look at the stickies in this forum for links to all the options you might have.

The injectors: you already have the B207R which is the HOT engine with the TD04 turbo, so your injectors will not need to be upgraded unless you upgrade the turbo. I'm not sure what the stock injectors are anyway (those might be the same, smaller, larger, etc).

For turbo lag, you're going to want an aftermarket downpipe (OBX, genuinesaab, JT are pretty much your options). Fair warning though, without an o2 sensor defouler or stage 3 tune you'll get a CEL. The stock setup has a massive cat bolted right to the turbo, retains a ton of heat which keeps exhaust temps high and restricts flow. Not to mention the filtering restriction of the cat on top of that.

At any rate, do your homework, there's a ton of info on this site.

4th December 2013, 10:16 AM
Reset your ecu, you shouldn't be experiencing turbo lag. Maybe a little throttle lag if your car is an automatic...

4th December 2013, 11:03 AM
B207R injectors:

Fuel injectors, B207R
Type Siemens, colour green
Style 2 hole
Resistance 12 ohm
Flow capacity ml/30s 176 +/-7
Maximum permitted difference between injectors ml/30s 14

4th December 2013, 11:59 AM
Thanks guys! This saab It is a really nice car and the reason I traded well sold it (99subaru legacy with sti swap)to my bro is cause his girl crash his car n needed a new ride ASAP, I know a thing or 2 on subaru a and I always has a thing for them. I'm 32 and I had plenty of cars and one of them was a ion redline with 275whp (bully clutch, 2.7zzpully shorty headers catback and 60lb injectors)in a dyno jet and tuned by hptunes. So I'm giving you guys a a bit of my knowledge oncars. 2 days ago I took the cover of the motor and notice that it has the green injectors . When I took the redline to the dyno for the first time it had 217whp as to crank is 245hp so it was under rated from the factory.when I went to stage 1 it was a reflash and 42lb injectors and I went back to the dyno n pull 244whp 270hp crank and it was at 70% cycle so as a not happy with power I added a 3 pulley and my friend did the hptune and went back and got 270 I think cause this was like 5 years ago. Did I lost you guys?:) so my thing is, I don't want the same power well at least yet:roll: what I'm getting at is no one talks about the 42#s why? I'm just thinking drop in k&n filter and 2.5 catback and stage 2 plug and play and if the lag keeps annoying me all get the stage 3 ..... That's my thing guys if I want to go stage 3 want to go all the way but I don't right now. So please tell me can i install the 42#s and do stake 1 and then take it from there? I'm engaged and I'm paying for the wedding so I'm doing this before the soon to be wife takes my wallet away.

4th December 2013, 12:01 PM
How do you reset the computer?

4th December 2013, 01:11 PM
you dont need 42's/ sell them . buy beer for wedding.

4th December 2013, 01:48 PM
IIRC, B207R injectors are 36#. So 42# injectors won't be much of an upgrade. I would sell them since it sounds like you won't need them in the meantime and put that money toward something else - like tune, exhaust, or wedding funds. ;)

Reset ECU by pulling the F4 fuse in the engine bay. There are several detailed threads on it in this subforum.

4th December 2013, 01:58 PM
there must be a boost leak or some other issue causing the lag. It should spool much faster than any Subaru stock for stock. Subaru's are know to be laggy as the turbo is so far away from the exhaust ports as where most cars the turbo is bolted to a manifold right to the head.

4th December 2013, 03:58 PM
Now that's what I call helping out!!! Thanks guys and yes ill reset the computer, well the car goes slow till 25 2800 rms and then it kicks is and I can hear spooling then again all turbo cars are not the same.