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The early History of Saab

The Saab 92Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget or Saab started producing cars in December 1949. The first Saab, the 92 was a 2 stroke, two cylinder car developing just 25Bhp.

Not long after, in December 1952 came the Saab 92B. The new model had lots of new features over it's predecessor most notably a boot lid so the boot was accessible from outside the car. Only three years later the Saab 93 was introduced and it was an extensively redesigned model with a new three cylinder 748cc engine developing 33Bhp.

The Saab 95After 10 years as a motor manufacturer Saab broadened it's product range in 1959 by introducing the Saab 95 station wagon.A few years later the Saab 96 was introduced and continued in production with it's 65Bhp V4 engine until 1980.

Saab broke into the sports car arena in 1966 with the Saab Sonett II, but it was not long before criticism of the Sonett's lines became increasingly insistent, so the Saab Sonett III was introduced. In all 10,219 units of the Saab Sonett II's and III's were built.

Saab Sonnett IIOn November 22 1967 the Saab 99 (codenamed Gudmund) was offically announced at a press conference in Stockholm. The 99 was long lived being manufactured from 1969 to 1984. The 99 lived on in the form of the Saab 90 which was basically a 99 with a 900 sedan rear up until 1987.

Then of course came the Saab 900 and 9000 and as they say the rest is history.......

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