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Gull Wing Showcase

Gullwing SaabWHEN BAHCO, THE SWEDISH tool maker, recently decided that it needed a new vehicle to demonstrate its tools to customers it seemed natural that its should choose a Swedish car maker, and even more natural that it should be Saab. But instead of settling for a moderately adapted 900, Bahco called in the Leif Meilberg body workshop in Nykoping to "do something special" with a 9000 Turbo 16.

Mellberg is highly regarded within the Swedish motoring industry for his work on Saab cars. Indeed, Mellberg has transformed the 9000 Turbo 16 into a futuristic gull winged car, complete with on-board video and a range of devices. The rear passenger compartment has been turned into a storage area for equipment from which a table can be pulled out allowing on-the-spot testing of Bahco's tools.

One of the gull wing doors (which replace the conventional rear side doors) is fitted with a video camera used to film each tool demonstration as it happens; two other monitors enable people to see the tools in action via pre-recorded tapes.

The inner rear view minor, meanwhile, has been excluded and instead a video camera located at the rear of the car transmits information to a monitor on the dashboard.

The Bahco/Mellberg gull winged special is now in regular use visiting plants, car service workshops and dealers as well as making frequent appearances at fairs, exhibitions, sporting and motonng events. Bahco wanted a car that would "bring out the modern, ergonomic design features of our new Ergo tools". Leif Mellberg duly obliged.

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