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The Saab 9000: Form and Function 1987

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The Saab 9000The Saab 9000 Turbo 16 and the Saab 9000i 16 have been developed to satisfy and even exceed the quality demands our customers have every right to make. We have incorporated the quality concept into each and every component of the Saab 9000. Instead of confining ourselves to the conventional features of functionality and reliability, we have expanded the quality concept to assure high standards of engine performance, roadholding, brakes, comfort, safety, driver’s environment, space, etc. in our overall “high-quality Saab 9000 car”.

The fundamental difference between the 9000 Turbo 16 and the 9000i 16 is the engine rating. The turbocharger, the APC system and the intercooler are the features to which the Saab 9000 Turbo 16 owes its dazzling engine performance, its remarkable top speed and the acceleration that few other cars can match.

High speed and safe overtaking performance are the hallmarks of the economical, 16 valve fuel injection engine powering the Saab 9000i 16. Since the same main components are used in the chassis and body design of both models, they are both exceptionally dynamic high-performance cars, with uncommonly high margins of safety.

According to the American EPA standards for car size measurement, the Saab 9000 is classified as a “Large Car”. So in terms of space, it is one of the most generous cars on the market. This has been achieved by a number of radical features incorporated into the fundamental design of the car. Due to the combination of front-wheel drive and the transversely mounted engine, only a small proportion of the total volume of the car is used for the “propulsion machinery”.

A capacity to seat five persons comfortably with their luggage is the result of our constant efforts to achieve the largest possible interior space and the highest conceivable standard of comfort. By adopting the Combi Sedan concept, we have imparted to the Saab 9000 the practical characteristics of an estate car and the comfort of a saloon. The Saab 9000 owes its flexibility to the design of the body and the 40/60 split, folding back seat.

The driver as well as the passengers—have been the focal point in all the design work. This theme recurs in every detail of the Saab 9000. The car has been designed around people, by people, for people. Harmony with people is one of the reasons why Saab’s advanced technology performs so well in practice.

The Saab 9000
"Saabs new flagship is a tremendous car; super-quick, impressively refined, exceptionally spacious, very comfortable and beautifully put together" - MOTOR Great Britain

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