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Saab 9-3 ViggenIt should not be your car that makes you want to stop on a non-stop journey from Berlin to Cannes. Rather your common sense, or perhaps a stunning view, or your favourite countryside restaurant. In a car that invites you to drive actively, without tiring you, you can literally go further between stops. And when you can choose the exact climate of the car interior and listen to a superb audio system. It's amazing how easily the miles slip by.

The Saab 9-3 viggen is compliant - it lets the driver decide the pace. Should you choose a more active style you will be rewarded accordingly. The powerful turbo engine and the high capacity brakes provide substantial allies. And so does the well balanced chassis: the feeling you get through a long and fast bend is difficult to describe. The compliance and the way the wheels refuse to lose their grip has to be experienced.

The engine

Saab 9-3The new 2.3 litre Turbo engine delivers 230 hp giving a top speed limited to 155 mph (250 km/h). However, these figures as such are not the most important. More Interesting is the torque of 350 Nm. Maximum torque is reached at 2500 rpm and the force is there all the way through the rev range. The result is astonishing acceleration, especially when overtaking. The traditional figures like the sub-7 seconds 0—62 mph (0—100 km/h) time only tell half the truth.

The new engine features a specially designed turbocharger. It is a high-performance unit, modified to support performance driving and high engine capacity.

The exhaust turbine is made from heat resistant stainless steel and the bearing housing is also specially designed for improved heat resistance. To improve the flow of inlet air to the turbocharger, a new inlet duct has been designed. The result is an efficiency improvement which has a direct influence on turbo pressure, engine performance and fuel efficiency.

However, boosting power and torque is only part of the task. The real challenge is to make the engine — and the entire car — cope with the increase. Clutch, gearbox and chassis as well as suspension, steering and brakes. All have to be in tune to create a harmonious whole.

The transmission

Power needs to be handled. The Saab 9-3 Viggen has a heavy-duty clutch that remains unruffled even in very active driving.

The gear ratios are chosen to suit the engine’s character, and the driveshafts are dimensioned to take the heat from resolute use of the available power. In order to avoid unnecessary wheelspin, torque limitation is activated in first and second gears.

The torqueThe brakes

With speed comes the need for efficient and durable brakes. The Saab 9-3 Viggen has large 306 mm ventilated and grooved front discs. The larger calipers and high-rated pad compound result in improved friction, fade resistance and stability.

The chassis

A chassis designed for sporty driving can easily become stiff and bumpy. This is not the case with the Saab 9-3 Viggen. It manages to balance road grip and cornering performance with ride comfort that you will appreciate on any drive, no matter how short.

To improve feedback to the driver and enhance the roadholding, the suspension is taut and matched to the specially designed 17 inch wheels. Anti-roll bars, springs, dampers and bushings are chosen to optimise the two-way communication between car and driver.

The feeling

You don’t really notice the capacity of this car until you ask for it. But when you do, you will find that the Saab 9-3 Viggen will respond. Acceleration, stability and brakes provide the tools for extraordinary driving excitement. This is the ultimate strength of this car — to support you in active driving.

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