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An attitude of mind.

The first Saab!50 years ago a team of 15 skilled aircraft engineers were brought together to create the first Saab. They had the courage to challenge established ideas and came up with an aerodynamic design, a transverse engine and a car with front-wheel drive.

Since then we have developed many original ideas and design solutions, and in many cases they have become the industry standard. Today each Saab is built according to the same concept, since there is a genuine appreciation for our ideas among a devoted group of Saab drivers, ourselves included.

The Saab 900 (GM)Our range of cars comprises the Saab 900 and Saab 9000 series, each offering the Saab hallmarks; driving pleasure, comfort, safety, performance and unique design with a range of features and details that are so typically Saab. And so unusual. But that’s the only way we know how to work. It is our attitude of mind.

Saab GM 900
The Saab 900 five door features solid performance, comfort, flexibility and that highly individual Saab design.

Saab 9000
The Saab 9000 CD is a cIassic four-door saloon with a spacious, quiet cabin. And that discreet elegance that is so typical of a Saab.

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