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The Saab 9000 and GM900: Brochures

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Head of Saab exterior design“A natural evolution of the company’s heritage is the best way of creating timeless designs. The new Saab 900, for instance, had to replace a car which achieved classic status during its own lifetime. But we naturally also look ahead, examining the car’s role in society and visualising the cars we will want five or ten years from now. In tnis process, we ye got to rely on our intuition, but we draw as much inspiration from nature’s own artistic creativity as we do from our heritage as aircraft engineers and technical innovators."

What makes a Saab safe also makes it fun to drive

A Saab should be comfortable and safe. It must also exude that typical Saab presence; it should be fun to drive, yet safe and reassuring on the road. We know that our customers are individualists who demand something extra but are very discriminating in their tastes.

Form follows function

All this places particular demands on both form and function, but this is an integral part of the Saab heritage. The first Saab was designed by aircraft engineers people whose design approach differed considerably from that of mainstream manufacturers. The resultant solutions were innovative, and they set the pattern for future generations. All of us who are involved in the development process take our heritage for granted. We don’t need to complicate matters to ensure progress, so we find it easier to achieve our goals.

“Soft handling offers you a better chance of pulling unscathed through difficult situations”, says Gunnar Johansson, project manager for the Saab 9000.

The Saab 9000
The Saab 9000 is one of the world's safest cars. Both in terms of active safety—the car’s ability to help the driver to avoid accidents—and passive safety minimising personal injury in an accident.

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