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'Bosch Fuel Injection and Engine Management''How to Design and Install High Performance Car Stereos'
by Joe Pettitt
"This fabulous book explains the technical installation in an understandable fashion. The pictures are pretty lame, but they do a good job of showing you what you should and should not do. Everthing from amps to speakers to decks is simplified in such a manner that anyone should be able to install their own stereo after readin' the book."
Rating :rated 4stars
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'Fuel Injection: Installation, Performance Tuning, Modification'Car Stereo Cookbook: How to Design, Choose and Install Car Stereo Systems (TAB Electronics)'
by Mark Rumreich
"Featuring guidance on the right specialty tools and step-by-step instructions for difficult procedures, The Car Stereo Cookbook makes sure that the special sound you've imagined in your head becomes the sound you hear in your car! Car stereo installation is one of the most popular "Do-it-yourself" projects around. This text is a guide to designing, choosing and installing car stereo systems."
Rating :rated 3 stars
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'Modern Engine Tuning''Haynes Max Power ICE Manual'
by Andy Butler
"I have both this new copy (done by Hayes with assistance from Max Power) and Hayes' previous version of the ICE Manual. I have always found the original very vague and not at all useful and I was worried the Haynes/Max Power version would be the same. Not so! The new edition covers so much more and even assists a lot more with installation from the simple (installing a head unit) to the esoteric (making GRP "pods" to hold speakers in places your car doesn't normally have them). If you are looking at anything other than a competition level install (in which case you probably don't need a "guide") then this is a bible. Ok, when you read through some of the stuff you can get a bit carried away ... "
Rating :rated 5 stars
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'Haynes Computer Codes and Electronic Engine Management Systems Manual' 'Car Stereo Speaker Projects Illustrated (TAB Electronics) '
by Dan Ferguson
"This work provides a guide to designing, building and installing customized audio speaker systems. It includes 20 complete projects covering both front and rear speakers for sedans, pickup trucks, vans, jeeps and SUVs. "
Rating :rated 3 stars
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In-car Entertainment Manual (Haynes Techbooks) In-car Entertainment Manual (Haynes Techbooks)
by Dave Pollard
"Where do I start? If you've ever used a Haynes manual to do a job on your car, you'll know what a valuable tool it is. This book will give your audio system a similar treatment. If you're a novice installing your first cassette deck or a more experienced audio-phile, this book is for you. Dave Pollard has written a fantastic book which covers everything you'll ever need to know. My advice is: Buy it, you won't regret it! "
Rating :rated 4 stars
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