Saabs have become famous for their ability to reach very high mileages and still be running strong. The NG900 is no exception to this but one of the key factors is regular servicing.

The costs incurred by having this done at a Saab dealership can be quite shocking. However, if you are prepared and able to do the work yourself, or you know of a good independent that can carry out the work for you, then you can save quite a bit of money without compromising the life span of your Saab.

The following pages list the work that is required in the service specifications from Saab for each service interval. I strongly suggest that you use either genuine Saab parts, or quality OEM or after market parts, rather than the cheapest that you can find. This especially applies to plugs (use NGK of the correct grade) and lubricants (very important for turbo charged cars)

There are different servicing schedules depending on where you live in the world and these are broken down into three main areas.

EU - The European Union

FE/ME - The Far East and the Middle East

PA - The Pacific Area

US - United States

If you do not live in one of these areas, choose the one that has a similar climate/conditions to the place you live. Click on the links below to go to one of the areas listed.

EU - European Union

FE/ME - Far East/Middle East

PA - Pacific Area

US - United Sates - This is in PDF format. - You will need Acrobat Reader to view this file. Download it from here if you don't have it already.

How to reset the "TIME FOR SERVICE" message.

Instructions on how to reset the message can be found here


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