Fan resistor

To remove

1. Remove the wiper arms.

2. Remove the cover over the bulkhead.

3. Remove the wiper unit.

4. Remove the fresh-air filter.

5. Unplug the ventilation fan connector.

6. Remove the fresh-air filter frame.

7. Remove the ventilation fan cover.

8. Remove the screw securing the fan resistor.

9. Unplug the fan resistor connector.

To fit

1. Plug in the fan resistor connector.

2. Position the fan resistor and tighten the screw.

3. Refit the cover over the ventilation fan.

4. Refit the fresh-air filter frame.

5. Plug in the ventilation fan connector.

6. Refit the fresh-air filter.

7. Refit the wiper unit.

8. Refit the cover over the space between the bulkhead partitions.

9. Refit the wiper arms.

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