This site is dedicated to the 2nd generation Saab 900 - Also known as the NG900 (New Generation) or GM900 (Due to the involvement of General Motors).

Whilst there is a wealth of information on the internet about the first, or 'Classic' 900, there is not a lot addressing the new 900, so I've decided to gather together information, tips and procedures for the maintenance and repair of the NG900, both from my own experiences as an owner and from others, to create a specialized site for the benefit and education of other owners and enthusiasts.

The site content will build over time and any suggestions for improvements or additions can be sent to me for consideration. If there is a job that you have done on your 900 or a tip that you feel would be useful then please write it up (with photographs if possible) and submit it. It could well be added to one of the technical sections here.

I hope you enjoy the site and hopefully it could even save you some money one day.

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What's New?

07/11/05 - Instructions for the removal and refitting of the cabin temp sensor and the removal and refitting of the front bumper added
09/08/05 - Report on the fitting of a stretchable CV boot - A CV boot that does not require the dismantling of the CV joint.
17/05/05 - Finally got around to doing something! Instructions on how to rebuild the dashboard air vents added.
- Information about the SID added.
18/06/04 -
Added a link to Mark's site where he describes how he upgraded the Audio sytem in his NG900 Convertible
16/06/04 -
Instructions for replacing the resistor for the heater fan added.
- Procedure to remove the stock audio head unit added to the Audio section
24/05/04 -
Procedures for the 'Sensonic' clutch system added to the Transmission section.
- 'Printer friendly' versions of the Buyer's Guide, and some of the procedures, added.
22/04/04 -
Search function added to the site
- Information on balance shafts added to the Engine section of the site.
19/04/04 - Information about the 'TIME FOR SERVICE' message and how to reset it added the the Servicing section of the site.
12/04/04 - Instructions for the removal of the front door card (interior trim panel) and Replacing the Gearknob added to the 'Interior' section of the Technical area
31/03/04 - Instructions for removing the front suspension strut added to the steering and suspension section of the Technical area.
18/03/04 - Added diagnostic procedure to identify why the heater/blower fan does not work to the Interior section of the site. Also added the US service schedule to the Servicing section of the site. The US Servicing schedule is in .pdf format though.
26/01/04 - Added Bob's excellent write up for Removing and Refitting the Transmission to the Transmission Section of the Technical area. Updated the Suspension and Steering Technical Specs with the information about Saab moving the anti-roll (sway) bar from the control arm to the suspension arm in 1995. Added the Used NG900 Buyers Guide to the Misc. Section in the Technical Area

Please note: This is an enthusiast's web site and is not in any way affiliated with Saab Automobile. All information is presented in good faith. However, I am not a trained mechanic, just an enthusiast. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are competent to carry out any procedures presented here and that they are correct. No responsibility can be accepted for any inaccuracies or consequential loss, injury or damage. Copyright © 2004 - 2005 Munki

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