Saab 900 T16 Volvo 760 Intercooler installation guide

What you'll need:

 -Volvo 760 intercooler

 -Set of 9000 turbo pipes

 -Jubilee clips

 -Your existing 900 pipes

 -Garrett turbo charger

Remove bonnet

Disconnect & remove battery

Remove distirbutor

Remove intercooler & pipework from vehicle.

Remove wastegate actuator & Rotate the compressor side housing on the turbo through 90 degrees. So the outlet points downwards.

Mount intercooler on zip ties, to route pipework.

Pipework as illustrated (from turbo) 


900 pipe (turbo - IC)
900 joining sleeve

Pipework as illustrated (from turbo - IC inlet)  

9000 pipe section
9000  elbow

Pipework as illustrated (IC outlet)

Chopped down "S" shaped volvo pipe
Straight section 9000 pipe

Throttle Body elbow Pipework

900 throttle body elbow (not shown above)
900 throttle body elbow - IC sleeve
9000 pipe 
9000 90 degree elbow

Using zip ties or brackets, finally mount the intercooler securely



 -Reconnect wastegate actuator

 -Replace bumper

 -Replace distributer

  -Replace intake pipework

  -Check all jubilee clips are tight

  -Replace battery

  -Check timing

  -Replace bonnet 

Job Done!