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Classic Saab 900: Repairing your electric seats

This article kindly written and supplied by Saabstorynj

I just completed the repair to my seats. The time taken was 45 minutes per seat and after the first trial and error I got the correct procedure down pat and really did it faster than the first. Here goes, because I'm sure there are others out there that'll encounter the same problem.

Tools needed

Torx 45 with ratchet
8 mm box/open end

Parts needed

Saab Part No. 412-6355
Description Front Seat outer casing
(2 required per seat)

(I obtained these from
Although they list the above 92-93 900 seats they fit the 91-94 convertible with electric seats.


Remove front seat bolts (45 torx) working the front two first then slide the seat forward and remove the rear two.
Undo the wiring harness connectors and remove the seat from the car.
Fold the seat forward and turn over revealing the bottom.
The forward center motor is the one you will work with, note the two cables coming from both sides of the motor and terminating at the rear of the seat cushion.
Using the 8mm box wrench remove the two bolts holding the motor in place.
There is a black plastic plate which works the retain the cables in place at the motor, remove this plate.
The cable casing ends can now be removed from the motor.
Pull the inner cable out of the casing and retain for later use.
Follow the cable casing to the rear of the seat. Using pliers pull the casing from the adjustment mechanism (it just snaps into place.)
Take your new casing and snap it into the hole you just removed the bad casing from and insert the cable into the casing ensuring you have seated it into position.
Do the same thing to the other side. Before putting the cables other ends back into the motor be sure to adjust the seat back so that it is in a straight and even position. You can do this by turning on of the cables until it is adjusted correctly. Please the big ends of the casing (with the cable inside into the motor. Snap the plastic retainer back into position ensure the holes in the motor and it line up.
Replace the motor.
Replace the seat.
Reconnect the wiring harness and there you go. A Saab dealer wanted 275.00 a seat for the repair, that's 550.00 for both. Parts totaled 120.00. Savings 430.00

I Hope this helps somebody else out there....

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