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Classic Saab 900: Replacing your core plugs

Article by P.Whiter, 1990 900i 16v

If you have a leaking core plug, you should be able to see coolant leaking on the block from the general area of the core plug. Not really any symptoms otherwise, unless it has gone so bad that your engine starts to overheat due to lack of coolant!!

These can be replaced, cost of the plugs is approx. 4 each, to do this job you will need to drive out the old plug using a punch and a pair of pliers to remove it. Then drive the new plug in using a large socket that just fits into the plug, you will need a little silicon sealant around the edge of the new plug, it is very important to keep the plug square as it goes in or it will not make an effective seal.

The worst part of this job is the limited accessibility, you will most likely have to remove the exhaust manifold to improve access, which incurs the extra cost of replacement gaskets etc.

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