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Saab 9000: Gearbox Mounting Bush Replacement

4 cylinder models 94' to 98' (Manual) & all Automatic models 1985 onwards

This procedure describes the method I used to replace the gearbox mounting bush in my 1996 9000 CS, the procedure should be the same for all 9000 models 1994 and onwards and all automatic models from 1985. The mounting (manual models) fitment was considerably different on pre 1994 models so this probably won't be a lot of use for owners of earlier cars, sorry!

This is a straightforward job that doesn't require any specialist tools, just a decent toolkit!. I wanted to upgrade the bush with a polyurethane alternative, so I used the Powerflex bush supplied by PartsforSaabs.

1) The picture below shows the location of the gearbox mounting when looking under the bonnet.

Gearbox Mounting Bush

2) To gain easy access to the bush fixings you need to jack up the car and support on axle stands, remove the nearside wheel and the inner wheel liner.

Easy Access!

3) Now that access to the bush is clear, the next step is to remove the nut on the end of the bolt running through the centre of the bush, I also slackened the 2 bolts holding the retaining strap in place (arrowed above) by a couple of turns.

4) Before removing the fixings completely it is necessary to support the gearbox in the position it is currently in, I did this by using a piece of soft wood and a trolley jack beneath the gearbox, picture below. (Yes I know the bearing mount/support pictured below on the wishbone is in a bad way, immediately after finishing the gearbox bush I took the wishbone off and replaced both bearing mounts as well as the butterfly bush, but that's another story!....)

Supporting Gearbox

5) Now it is possible to remove the centre bolt as well as the 2 retaining strap bolts. The bush will then come away with the retaining strap.

6) The polyurethane bush I used needs to be inserted in the steel sleeve from the original bush, this leaves the problem of removing all traces of the rubber centre from the original bush. My solution was to take the bush down the garden with a blowtorch and set fire to the rubber, after approx 30 minutes all traces of the rubber were gone and it was just a case of cleaning up the sleeve, applying the lubricant supplied with the bush to the inside of the sleeve and pressing the bush into place. The pressing into place was quite straightforward and did not require a vice, I was able to press it into place by hand as well as a little persuasion with a block of wood and a mallet.


7) To re-fit offer up the bush together with the retaining strap making sure that the side of the bush that has the lip is positioned to face towards you/away from the engine as pictured below. Tighten up the 2 retaining strap bolts prior to fitting the centre bolt. Fit the centre bolt with the anti-rotation washers correctly located (see below) and make sure to remove the jack from under the gearbox before tightening the nut on the centre bolt.


That's it, just need to get the wheel lining and wheel back on and get out and test it! I found a much more positive gearchange under hard acceleration and braking, as well as a general firming up of the car, overall I'm very happy with this upgrade.

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