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Pontious, I see your points but not all cars are created equal. I didnt know anything about Saabs before my gf so I joined this forum and from reading on here they don't make the greatest use of hp. The 5 speed cars seem to have way to wide of ratios in the trans. The auto seems good to me but is a weak design so im told. That being said she loves the car and ive come to like it as well so ill help her make it nice and sporty.

You are right they are lighter than I thought but with driver ready to run that is still near 3200lbs. We have no plans on pulling interior as this is a comfy daily driver not a dedicated drag car. It way only see the track a few times a year. Even my F100 is all steel with a bench seat, heat, power steering, stereo and full exhaust.

BTW I didn't post this thread to start a pissing match I figured it was useful info for other Saab owners with similar mods.

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