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Originally Posted by 2.3LiterCivicBeater View Post
is that a 79 f150 in your avatar
Yup 79 but its an f100.
Originally Posted by John Z Williams View Post
Not really, Saabs are not easy to get good 1/4 mile times in and most stg 3 tunes are in the 14.7 range, gt30 and 400bhp is 13.1-13.5 range and have seen 550bhp cars only run 13.00 flat, running a Saab on the 1/4 mile is not easy and not what they are good at, put them on the highway and they crush many cars, but from a dig, not so much. Here is a list of all the stages and power and times for fwd Saabs. You can see his times are not bad at all....

Here is a manual with stg 3 tune, 14.5

I realize its not the best drag car but adding power makes it a lot more fun overall and running the car at the track is fun and WAY cheaper than dyno time. I have the complete TD04 set-up out of an SE that will go on next and possibly t5 cams than a retune with hopes of cracking the 13s.
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