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Old 27th February 2012
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Well its a T7 for one and she tried it with the tcs off and it went a 15.0 with a 2.4 60ft spinning bad and shifting into 2nd way early. With the tcs on it got a 2.25 and a 2.21 60ft still spinning and ran a 14.38 and a 14.48 both at 97. Im sure with the drag radials it will leave much harder. And as far as all those cars go your comparing apples to oranges as stick rear wheel drives with slicks don't really compare much to a fwd auto on regular street radials. And I know what i'm talking about as the truck in my avatar is mine and ran 10.65 that same day on drag radials and pump gas and it weighs 4100lbs with me in it. And her car doesn't make 280hp its not an SE it makes maybe 260 with the small stock turbo. Being a 4 door hatchback I doubt it weighs 3000lbs either. If you think its slow by all means build one and show me how its done. I'm no Saab mechanic its my gfs car and I helped her fix it up.
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