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Old 27th February 2012
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14.30's seem slow to me for 280 HP in a light car. I'm guessing slicks and aggressive launch should put it around 14 flat.

Just to put her times in perspective, my 4000 pound (had about 200 pounds of amps and heavy subs+box, tools and jack) 96' Lincoln Mark VIII with 290~ish HP with automatic is only like 1-2 tenths slower. I raced a guy (couple years ago) in a 3.5L Altima, and even though I had better reaction times, he was 1 car length behind me all the way up to about 100 MPH where he finally gave up. Those Alitmas weigh about 3500 pounds and are around 14.4 in the 1/4. Our 9-3's are in the 3000 pound range (should have a .5 tenth advantage in weight alone). Late 80's Mustangs with 5-speeds, 225 HP, 3200-3300 weight, and disgusting 2.73 rear gearing were 14 sec flat cars off the showroom floor with nothing more than advancing base timing several degrees on the distributor. Put better upper and lower control arms in the back, remove the front sway bar, and it was a high 13 sec car with a stock engine. Put slicks on and it would be even faster.

I'm guessing her car isn't seeing the full 280 HP in the STG III tune or some other things need sorted out. Or maybe a better driver could push it faster?

I'm guessing the extra torque from the stage III should be making the torque converter act differently. If there's anything in the T5 suite to manage the lock up or shift points, it might be wise to tinker with those to get the most of the car if higher 1/4 mile times are the goal.

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