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SB 8th April 2003 09:55 PM

Big Problems "Limp Home Mode"
I purchased a 2003 Saab 9-3 Linear w/ Launch package (Steel Grey) approximately 2 months ago. Four days after my purchase I was driving using the steptronic shifting and the car lost power. Warning lights came on and the dash said to pull over and contact Saab. When I attempted to accelerate and pull over a severe grinding noise was heard and felt under my right foot. I called roadside assistance and they brought it back to the dealership. After several days the dealership said they saw a computer event "Wheel Speed Mismatch" but was not sure what happened or how this was caused. They said when the car detects a problem it disables portions of the engine and computers and only allows you to go approx 20 MPH to make a safe stop. The dealership called this "Limp Home Mode" they said it was similiar to a Windows "Safe Mode". As you could imagine I was angry but understand sometimes unexplainable things happen. Now less than 2 months later it happened again. This time though I was on the freeway in rush hour traffic. After nearly getting into an accident I managed to call Saab Roadside and again they had to tow me. All of the symptoms were the same and even the grinding..I sit here with a loaner waiting for info on the cause. I was wondering if anyone else here has experienced anything similiar? Or has anyone here heard of anything like this with the saab? Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated.

saabfan 8th April 2003 10:11 PM

This has happened to a small but noticeable number of new 9-3 owners. I have seen a lot of talk about it over on Saab Net. It happened to me once when I was driving my brother's Linear... never happened to him. I did not have the grinding noise issue that you mention which sounds somewhat serious.

From what I can gather about most people's stalling problems is that it is merely a computer glitch, and while a terrible glitch to have, not an actual problem with the engine or anything like that.

So, hopefully Saab will come out with a permanent fix soon. The new 9-3 is at times too high tech for its own good.

Best of luck, and let us know how it turns out.

avemave 8th April 2003 10:43 PM

That's a real b*tch man. Just for the record, I believe limp home mode works with the 2nd and 5th gear, so you can keep cruising on the highway in limp mode... at least that's what the car's manual says - it's been known to lie before though :evil:

20Ted 8th April 2003 11:07 PM

The same thing happened to alot of new Jettas with Tiptronic; limp mode was taking over when it wasn't supposed to...I don't remember exactly what the cause was, but I believe that it was something in the programming for the shift modes...

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