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: To "The Ring" with Sweden's hottest Saab 9-3 Sport

3rd May 2003, 06:34 AM
Last weekend the Diners Club Racing team won the first Swedish Long distance Cup (SLC) race of the season and at the end of May the team is off to the Nüburgring in Germany to show 150,000 spectators what a turbocharged Saab is capable of during the prestigious "ADAC 24 Stunden Rennen" - a classic and demanding 24-hour marathon.
The Saab Sweden-backed team, competing in the event for the third time, has entered a new 9-3 Aero Sport Sedan and is confident of a strong showing in this highly-competitive race.

"Our first priority is SLC, but I cannot deny that this 24-hour race at 'The Ring' is the peak of the year," says Hasse Simonsson, a former tennis professional who for ten years has been racing as an amateur at a high level. "The Nürburgring is the ultimate race track in northern Europe, with fanatical spectators and a very special atmosphere for the 24 hour race."

Diners Club Racing Team is officially backed by Saab Sweden and is one of the most successful and committed private teams in Swedich racing. It is based in Fridafors in Småland, the home of brothers Joakim and Mattias Thörjesson, who build the cars. Team leader and driver (together with Hasse and Joakim) is Peter "Poker" Wallenberg jr. Last year the team earned widespread respect in Sweden and in Germany for their efforts with a Saab 9-5 Aero Sport Combi (wagon), a fast but very unusual model in this category of racing.

"We have great expectations for the new car," adds Hasse Simonsson. Despite terrible weather conditions, with rain turning to snow, the new car won its debut race at Karlskoga."The car is light, weighing a little more than 1,100 kilos and built according to the latest SLC rules. We have been put a lot of effort into the suspension and brakes and the engine easily gives 450 bhp or more," he says."Our ambition is to stay among the top three in the SLC and to reach the top 30 in the 24 h race at the Nürburgring."

More information about the team, its racing schedule and technical details available at: