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: Creaky suspension

4th April 2007, 09:21 PM
I hope someone can help me with this becasue my local garage isn't getting anywhere. On cold days my front suspension creaks like crazy when going over bumps and i was wondering what the cause was and if it is fixable. The noise occured even before I had all new Koni suspension installed including all new bushings. The creaking seems to be coming from the front two wheel wells and just infront of my feet, the noise is very loud and somewhat disconcerting on cold mornings. Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


4th April 2007, 09:32 PM
i'd recomend tightening the 6 sub-frame bolts on the bottem. did mine 2 days ago and no more creaks over bumps. mine were real bad when i accelerated and braked. I thought it was the bushings or struts but it wasn't. 3 of the bolts were loose only about a half turn each but it made such a difference when i re-tightened them.

Old Goat
4th April 2007, 10:06 PM
Plus, these cars are known to do that.

If you change the various bushings to poly it will quiet it down. You probably notice that after the car is running a while it is fine.

4th April 2007, 10:06 PM
It is normal in cold weather.

4th April 2007, 10:21 PM
ya happened to me too. it was about -10*F when it happened and it sounded like it was metal on metal. this is normal for Saabs, and most cars.

4th April 2007, 10:53 PM
Mine also did that in cold weather. Its really aggravating because most other cars don't do this. Its puzzling since Saab's are designed and built in a cold weather country.

Old Goat
4th April 2007, 10:58 PM
Its probably the material of the bushings. Change them to poly and the problem goes away.

5th April 2007, 04:06 PM
Mine does that too when the weather is too cold. After a few minutes it goes away. The service department told me that's normal and all SAABs or almost all do that when cold. After a couple of minutes of driving it goes away. If it's persistant and doesn't go away you may have a problem