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: Yes another exhaust thread...

19th February 2007, 08:54 PM
Ok, I'm finally ready to order my exhaust and a few things have me confused.
I have been looking at ****** as they offer a FULL kit including the downpipe which is a must as my current one is rubbish. The 3inch kit they sell has a 3inch downpipe but it bolts to the stock flange? The seperate downpipe replaces the cast elbow and it states "suitable for JT 3inch exhaust" but the only kit they sell includes the other style downpipe???

Also I prefer the twin tips but those are only available in 2.5inch which begs the question is there noticeable differences in perf. between the 2.5 and 3inch? I do not want something overly loud as well.
Is there a perf dif between the 2 different style 3inch downpipes?

I do not have any issues with relocating the battery for the seperate downpipe.

Any previous customers out there with any combinations of these that can give me some insight?

Thanks in advance

edit - i just realized i cant post the name of the vendor...its the one with the yellow website ;)

19th February 2007, 09:27 PM
I dont think the 3 inch pipe is to loud unless you are driving a getaway car;)

Sure it has a nice round note and its fruity at idle but I would honestly not say its loud unless you boost hard or maybe on the freeway at an odd speed.

I have twin 2.5 inch pipes and I also wondered how I would keep this if I got a 3 inch system, I suppose I could make a collar that would up couple to the larger 3 inch pipe.

An exhaust shop would have something on the shelf or a sheet metal work could make one up for you at a reasonable cost I would hope.

20th February 2007, 04:26 AM
Following Bostin this weekend with his JT, I can confirm ... they are loud :cheesy: Especially in tunnels at open throttle :cool:

20th February 2007, 06:07 AM
They are loud :cheesy: Especially in tunnels at open throttle :cool:

It was you making tropical cyclones then:cheesy:

Tunnels only amplifies long wave lengths like the bassy JT exhaust, did you even look back as the sound waves crushed the cars you boosted past:lol:

23rd February 2007, 06:32 PM
I have the 3" JT full downpipe (replaced the regular elbow) mated to a custom made stainless steel 2.5" exhaust. The exhaust fitter had no problem connectinging the 2.5" to the 3" downpipe. If I did it again I would stick with a standard exhaust (which is 2.5" anyway) because they are cheaper and not so noisy/thrummy at motorway speeds. Or maybe a standard design exhaust in stainless steel, like the Ferodo.

As it is I ended up getting another silencer added to the new exhaust after a couple of weeks to quieten it down a bit. From what I read, most of the performance gains come from removing the stock elbow and having the 3" downpipe, not having 3" all through compared to 2.5".

Hope this saves you some money / ear strain ;)