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20th April 2003, 02:00 PM
Hello all!

After owning two '89/'90 n/a 2.0 9000 cdi's (and successfuly blowing them up!) i have just purchased a '93 9000 cse 2.0 lpt.

I have noticed two differences with this car to what is standard, firstly, someone has fitted an intercooler and secondly i believe it has a superchip because it has a said brand turbo gauge and drinks loads of fuel. (my opinion of superchip is very low and i agrre with the vauxhall boys' branding 'supersh*t!')

Any how, i know what i have planned for wheels, suspension etc but with this intercooler does it give me any more options? what turbo does a '93 lpt have (as i have 2 spare t3's, would they be better?!) and is it just the ecu that makes it different to a fully blown 2.0t?

Also, as anyone used maptun? do you have to order from sweden?

many thanks to anyone who can help.

20th April 2003, 05:15 PM
Hi Sideways,

The intercooler will allow you to reach a higher level of performance with the correct ECU fitted. I think you will have to speak to Maptun direct, but have been told that they speak really good english.

What boost does the gauge read under full throttle? If it's around a bar or more then I would say it has been chipped already and depending on the exact max boost you are already running, you may not get much more from other tuners...

If it's drinking fuel like it's going out of fashion this could be another indication of chippery (or a leaden right foot :wink: ).


20th April 2003, 06:50 PM
its currently running about 0.4 bar, which is fairly pathetic considering! is just a case of winding the actuator rod shorter?! :lol:

it can return a good mpg (on one occasion i let my dad drive it and he got about 35mpg!) but i have to drive soooo sensibly to do that!!! not why i bought a turboed saab!!! I think its probably a mixture off chippery and my hefty 13! :roll:

it it safe to 1 bar then?


21st April 2003, 05:06 PM
0.4 bar is around standard, so it appears that you havn't got a chipped car? 1 bar is possible with an intercooler, but might be marginal, a rolling road set-up (with CO monitoring of the exhaust gases) of an MBC would ensure that you wern't leaning out at any point. That could get expensive :cry: .
I say an MBC as I'm not sure that anyone does a ECU for your model year of lpt. If you go down this route it would be risky to just wind the boost up without APC protection and little idea of what it is doing to the engine.

22nd April 2003, 08:01 PM
hi nick, blimey its late!

i gather mbc is maximum boost control???

i believe maptun cover my cars ecu (http://www.maptun.com/9000_150_1.php?link=9000_150_1)

i can do the other upgrades myself via powerflow, raid/k&n & only putting the cat in once a year! :lol:
im eventually aiming for about 280bhp/310ftlbs with equivilent of a stage 3, aquamist, modded t3 and some fine tweaking. I have every intention of getting it rolling roaded, just not untill alot of the above has been done.

I am currently on a bit of a tight budget untill the summer and was trying to 'cheat!'

A short ratio box has now been put in (took me two weeks to blow the original! :roll: ) but now all my friends have got rs turbos/gte's etc, i'd like to comfortabley anialate them in comfort!!! :cheesy:

Mmmmm a small tweak of the actuator rod couldnt hurt for now methinks, not that im inpatient!!!


26th April 2003, 08:57 AM
MBC = Manual Boost Control or a bleed valve in other words. It's a cheap way of letting the turbo produce more boost presure, BUT once fitted your car would not have the backup of the APC system that Saab fits on the higher powered models. The APC prevents damage to the engine by sensing knocking within the cylinders and reducing boost to a safe level if neccessary. Does your car have the APC solenoid (a small black plastic part with an elecrical connection and three vacuum pipes) on top of the radiator? If you have then I think an ECU upgrade would be best.
If you havn't then a MBC might be the way forward, but don't just take my word for it. The fitmant of an MBC is fine as long as you don't increase the boost pressure beyond the capability of the cars fuel system to deliver enough fuel to prevent detonation. Another factor is the ECU. If you go beyond its programming it won't know what to do.
For a small hike up in power an MBC would be fine (with apprpriate setup), but if you want large increases be carefull.

26th April 2003, 04:33 PM
Hi Nick,

Thanx for the advice, I think i may stick to being patient and sorting the ecu as I do have an apc.

Whats the 'base boost' then, I read about adjusting it on BillJ's (very good) website but as mine is already running standard (according to the gauge) then obviously, in theory it doesnt need adjusting but a friend of mine who runs a 200sx said I just need to 'shorten' it a bit to get more boost. Sorry to keep asking all these questions but i understand the general workings and principles of a turbocharger, its just the finer details I need to get my head around :roll:

I think I will stick to the idea of ecu's as you recommended, as that seems to be where the 9000's power is 'locked up', I think I'm just being influenced by my mates rattly old turbo bangers who think more turbo fiddling = more power!

Cheers GT

P.S. read your reveiw on your car, I love the CD's, and yours is V.nice! :D