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: Overboost Fuel Cut Bypass... good idea?

6th April 2003, 05:50 AM
I spent the weekend messing around with the APC module on my 1986 9000T and although I've noted an increase from 145WHP to 170whp, the fuel cut kicks in and stops the boost from going much more than 1 oe 2 PSI into rhe red of the boost gauge. I'm running a completely stock engine on a car with just about 279,000 miles and I'm debating whether bypassing the fuel cut on this car is a good idea. I would also like to know (should I decide to bypass) where the boost fuel cut solenoid is and what the best way to bypass it is (i.e. do I need to soder a resistor, or simply disconnect the wires and twist them together)

any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

8th April 2003, 07:19 AM
There is no need to disconnect the overboost fuel cut off. the unit is located under the dashboard facia (next to the throttle pedal on RHD cars) and looks like a 2 inch diameter disk with a screw in the middle, two vacuum pipes and a couple of electrical connectors.

If you turn the screw clockwise, the cutoff will happen at higher boost (I nave set mine to cut the fuel at the end of the red zone of the boost gauge - about 1.5 bar pressure although some distributor and fuel mods are needed to prevent detonation at this boost level.

8th April 2003, 05:25 PM
thanks alot, I'll give that a try.