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: Performance brakes that will fit on 15" rims?

03-04-03, 10:57 AM
Are there any perf brake systems that I can use with 15" rims? Anyone have updates on how well they work?

07-04-03, 12:01 AM
I'm not sure about any complete systems. can't get any larger rotors for sure, the stock system is pretty snug. You can try putting on better pads. I just redid the front with EBC green stuff pads, new rotors, fluid. They're still bedding in so I don't have a report as of yet. If you do find any5hing for 15" rims be sure to post it.. otherwise I'm gonna upgrade rims first them new brake system.

07-04-03, 06:52 AM
I don't know if you van call it a performance brake system but I've got Tar-Ox discs(same diameter as original) and pads on my gm900..It made a big difference compared to the standard discs and pads !
But if you want to fit a real perf brake system (4pot calipers and 330mm discs) you can forget about the 15" wheels :D

07-04-03, 12:08 PM
Where did you get them and how much $$?

08-04-03, 05:49 AM
I got them from Speedparts...Can't remember the exact price though..