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: '67 95 joins the fleet

29th October 2006, 08:26 AM
Well, I've gone and done it again! ;oops: Even though I had absolutely no intention of buying another vintage Saab, this one represented such a great deal that I couldn't refuse! More on the details of the purchase later......

In the interim, I've attached a few smallish pics of the new beast. It's a 1967 95 V4, and is one of the very first V4's with the small badge high up on the front wing, let alone being one of the few 95 V4's with the small front window. It's a bit shabby, but with an absence of rust and only a few minor dents and oxidised paint, I have no doubt that I'll have this one cleaned up pretty quickly.

Watch this space!


30th October 2006, 02:10 PM
I love the estates :cool:

Saw one in black at a National last year:

Looks like a hefty dent in one of the doors :o

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9th November 2006, 02:38 PM
Black or white , both versions are huge !!!!
Mine is not the original colour (which was orange) but a respray dark blue made by the third owner :( (Blue Saturn of BMW :confused: ) but it works anyway .

9th November 2006, 02:40 PM
We still have sun here so I went out with my dear "Titine" M1969

24th December 2006, 08:46 AM
Well, we're making progress! Slow progress, but progress nonetheless! :D

Finally got the car ferried over last week, and it's now sitting tucked away in the garage. My initial feeling is that it's a very straight and original car that needs a good cosmetic restoration.

In amongst all the papers that came with the car, there was also the contact number for the last registered owner. Gave him a ring during the week, and turns out that he owned a Saab dealership in the ACT a few years back. He bought the car from a couple who traded it in a new Saab, and who said that they'd bought the 95 new in Sweden back in 1967. It spent part of its life in St Mauritz in Switzerland, before they headed off to Africa, taking the little beast with them. In the mid-90's they then emigrated to Australia.........talk about a round-the-world trip! :o

Anyway, a few more photos, as supplied by the seller of the car. I'm yet to take any myself, but rest assured that it won't be long! http://saabpics.com:3000/gallery2/v/Drew-Bedelphs-1973-95-V4/67V4/

Cheers, and merry Xmas to all!


14th February 2007, 07:11 AM
OK, time for another update!

I didn't have much time to devote to the old 95 over Christmas, so have been fiddling around for the last few weeks just cleaning everything off and getting it to run properly.

When the car arrived, it appeared to be running on only 3 cylinders. I checked the basics, and made sure it had spark and fuel. Pretty quickly I traced the problem to #3 cylinder, which wasn't firing. A compression check soon followed, which revelaed 150psi on 1,2, and 4, but 0 on 3. Pulled off the valve cover, only to discover, as suspected, a valve pushrod had jumped out! Further, the affected valve was stuck. A liberal dose of penetrene over a couple of days, and a few light taps from a plastic hammer soon freed things up, and I replaced the pushrod and adjusted the clearance. Lucky the rod wasn't bent. Fired her up and -hey presto- it purrs over. Disappointingly, it's quieter than my other two pampered V4's! :confused:

I changed the points and plugs as well, adjusted the timing, and drained the fuel from the tank and replaced the filter. I also drained the oil and added a new filter, which I gather hadn't been done in a while.

Next up, I'll steam clean the remaining underbonnet area, and give the outside a polish so that I can see what I'm dealing with. Nothing worse than working on a greasy, faded car!

More pics coming soon!