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31st March 2003, 12:08 AM
Unfortunately my stock brakes are starting to give up on me (mixed feelings). Instead of replacing the pads, rotors, and calipers with SAAB stock I have decided to go with a good performance brake package. I have been looking all over the web, and all I can find is one on Sweedishdynamics for $2800usd :o (and is only for the front). I realize that I am going to have to buy those 17" wheels i have been wanting so i can fit the bigger brakes which raises the cost $1500 more :cry: This is a lot of cash to drop all at once.

If I could get some help on posible kits to buy I would appreciate it. I am looking for 4 or 6 piston calipers and slotted rotors. And all of it has to fit under the 17" wheels. I want good brakes, but there is no way I am going to pay close to $3000.

Thanks, Trey

P.S. I have seen some on abbott's site, but it seems to be down at the moment. Anyone have experience with this kit?

ylee coyote
31st March 2003, 06:32 AM
the brakes fitted to the 9000 are pants especially when you put more strain on them when you uprate the motor
I have been looking to upgrade them for several years now
I tried grooved rotors from tarox ..looked good but not much better
options are available (uk perspective)
Brembo discs (can be outrageusly cheap but ...)
brembo grey iron discs from trent saab about 200..good feedback but dusty
better pads (great debate here I am sure you will find some threads on this ( and stay away from ebc green stuff ))
bigger discs from abbott 305 mm i believe and no need to change wheels .about 1000
and the big disc conversions from ap 325 mm discs around 1400 plus wheels
However there is a company called godspeed in the uk selling conversions based on 4 pot ss calipers (downside weight )
there 325 mm conversion is costing me 700 !!
They arrive this week so I will let you know how good they are (i have 17 " wheels )
btw they do slotted /drilled and slotted or whatever you want !!

1st April 2003, 02:34 PM
what's wrong with EBC Green Stuff? I've had good experience with them in the past on non-saab cars. They do increase rotor wear a bit, but they have a definite bite to them.

1st April 2003, 04:11 PM
GreenStuff might give decent results on some cars, but my experience is with my 9000 and they were awful. Initial results were good - they seemed to bite quite well and lived up to their promise of very little dust. For about 1000 miles. Then they started to become very noisy (loud humming while braking), make lots of dust and give variable braking performance. I couldn't predict how they were going to behave and I never found a pattern to it. I chucked them away the day I couldn't stop in time (and I should have had plenty of time) from 30 mph to avoid hitting a dog. Luckily the daft creature was only knocked off its feet and wandered back to its owner, but I put the standard pads back on that afternoon and the improvement in performance was amazing.

I reckon I'd had the Greenstuff in for a total of maybe 4000 miles.

Pads I have used that do work well are Ferodo DS2500 (excellent track pad but need some work to fit to the 9000) and Mintex M1144, which I would recommend to anyone as a good fast road pad with excellent cold performance. They are a bit less fade-resistant than the DS2500, but I doubt you'd ever fade them on a public road.