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: Couple of questions.

27th March 2003, 12:40 AM
First of all don't worry, I'm not your average newbie, I did a search before asking.

First question: Does anyone know how much the Viggen intercooler flows CFM or LB/MIN?

Next, my girlfriend has a '99 9-3 SE. It's one of the nicest cars I've ever driven. I am really impressed with the build quality and the performance is alright as well. Also, what's better than a turbo right? Anyway, I was inspecting how the turbo system was set-up and noticed that the intercooler inlet is on the opposite side of the outlet, just like the Viggen intercooler. However, I thought that the stock 9-3 had the inlet/outlets on the same side. I have also noticed that the 99 9-3 is often grouped seperatly from the 00-02 9-3s when regarding performance parts. Is the intercooler one of the differences?

Thirdly, I noticed that I can't seem to find where the wastegate dumps. I have a mitsubishi TDO5H turbo (also known as a 14b) and it looks phsically like like the 9-3's turbo. Well, at least they are both internally wastegated (unfortunately). On my turbo, the wastegate flapper is right next to the normal exhaust exit, and if it were installed on a car, you could clearly see that the dumptube for the wastegate would go into the downpipe and into the exhaust. This doesn't seem to be the case for this turbo. All I can see is the downpipe, and it looks way to small to be both the downpipe and the wastegate dumptube. Is the wastegate really that small?

Forth, I thought that I read somewhere that the stock turbo on a 99 9-3 is a T25. Is this true? If so, is it a Mitsubishi turbo, or a Garret turbo?

Finally, I noticed that you Saab guys (and DSM guys) seem to run a lot more boost than your average turbocharged Honda. With that in mind, do you ever have any problems with the Viggen intercooler's plastic endtanks? I was strongly considering buying a Viggen intercooler, or the one like my girlfriend's if I can figure out what type it is and how much it flows, for my junkyard turbo set-up for my 90 Acura Integra.

I hope that my questions were to the point and not too hard to answer. Sorry for the large post and thanks in advance.

27th March 2003, 08:17 AM
I'll help you where I can.

The viggen type intercooler is installed already on all 00-02 9-3's and is on some '99s depending on the engine size and model. If your intercooler takes air in and puts it out on different sides of the intercooler, then you are in luck.

With the turbo, you probably have a T5.

As far as the intercooler, I haven't heard of anyone having any problems with it, nor have I had any.

Hope this helps a bit.

27th March 2003, 01:20 PM
Thanks that is helpful. Here is another question.
I have driven her car a number of times, but just last night when I drove it, no matter what I did, I could not avoid bogging the car off the line. Even with some wheel spin, it would still bog. I think that is just because I am not used to driving her car (it has such a heavy flywheel compared to mine). What does concern me though, is that everytime I shifted, no matter where in the rev range, it would fall out of boost. No matter how fast (and smooth) I shifted. I have never had this problem before in her car, ever.

So my question is this. During the blizzard we had a couple of days ago (we are in Colorado) I was rocking her car back an forth to get it out of the parking spot and accidently took it above red line in the process. This was also before the engine was warm. This cause the check engine light to come on. I was a little worried, but just figured I could reset the ecu. Well the light eventually went off after the car warmed up; needless to say I was relieved.

From reading these posts, I have gotten the impression that Saab's ecu is very active in the performance control of the car. Could I have set it into some sort of soft performance mode?

Tweek's Turbos
27th March 2003, 06:36 PM
What was the change in Temperature since you last drove it, its been about 40-60 degrees warmer last week than previos weeks here in Central NY. The hotter it gets the slower the car feels, I made the decision to install the 3 inch downpipe off the turbo with no cat, the turbo spools alot faster, however the car is alot louder. I could car less, I like the quickness. You can also look into alcohol/water injection, or what I'm gonna try since it works well for Turbo Buicks, Propain injection. This cooles the intake charge and lets the car run more boost, kinda like when its 4 degrees outside. You can also look into a Forge Bypass valve from

28th March 2003, 03:52 AM
I have driven it many times, and when I first drove it, it was about the same temperature as it was the other day. The car did feel a little slow, but I was more concerned with how it kept falling out of boost.

New question: She helped another girl jump her car, but since she has never done that before, she did not leave the car running and drained her own battery. LOL. I had a good laugh when she called me up and sounded frustrated. Anyway, she had another one of her friends come to jumpstart her, and I walked them through it. Now the check engine light is on again and it did not go off this time.

I have heard that luxury cars, like Cadillacs for example, are not made to jumpstart other cars due to the amount of computer controls that the car performs. Is this the case with the 9-3 as well? Would resetting the ecu do anything to help this problem? If not, what should I do?

Tweek's Turbos
29th March 2003, 07:01 PM
The battery may just still be low, drive it for a good 20 minutes at highway speeds to charge it up. I work at a funeral home and we have a 2002 and 2003 suburban, 2003 Caddy CTS, and DTS, and a 2002 Lincoln Continental. The continental always seems to drain its batery and we have jumped it with all the other vehicles. The only problems are actually with the genious who installed the cell phones, the caddy had it spliced into the airbag wires, and we cant figure out whats draining the lincoln all the time. But other than that, jumping isnt a problem. We even do it battery to battery.(not grounding to frame as some people do.)

She is filling it with 93 or better octane right?

And honestly, the 2003 Caddys arent that spectaculary advanced. Maybe the nightvision, but I doubt that.
The dash on the CTS is about as new looking as a 94 GM 900