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: New here w/ my 91 2.3T!!

24th March 2003, 06:13 AM
Well my daily driver is a 91 9000 turbo. I took it to the track w/ an open air intake tube and open downpipe and ran a 15.08 and trapped at 95.X! I was spinning horribly off the line as the track was <40 deg.

So what kind of turbo does this have? The book says 225hp, so is it a TD04? All this turbo stuff is new to me as I have a 98 Cmaro LS1. Ran 12.77 @ 111 w/ only a air lid, gears, and a cat-back exhaust. I'm selling it now and getting a 99 hardtop Vette!! :cheesy:

I also own a 85 Saab 900 turbo that runs as it should having 249K orig miles on it. My dad has a spare motor for it and have pondered the idea of rebuilding it.... I think I'm gonna sell the 9000 as it is a $ maker. What can I do to the 9000 anyways? Or the 900? Any possibilities of putting a 2.3T in the 900?