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: Can i fit a different manual gearbox

24th March 2003, 04:22 AM
OK on sunday i shattered the gearbox casing on my 98 2.3 anniversary :( To cut a long story short first gear :o decided it long wanted to be inside and exited through the back of the box :nono;

The question iam asking is can i fit a box from say a carlsson or aero or viggen as i would assume these have been uprated as these cars run more power and as my plan is to run between 300 and 400 bhp i need to know what to do the final plan will be to have a qaufe box made :wink: but that i in the future

As for now i just need to get the car back on the road :D

Many thanks in advance for your help

24th March 2003, 07:20 AM
Welcome to SaabCentral, gossy.

I think I've just answered this on another board. However, assuming your 2.3 is a full turbo (and probably even an "R" engine), the inner driveshaft joints will be different from others. You can swap them over, though.

I think only the 2.3T got the highest final drive ratio, so you'll need to watch for that, and only a '94-on gearbox will bolt onto your engine. Earlier engine blocks were different.

The 2.3T gearbox was no different internally to any other 9000 gearbox, other than the final drive ratio. It wasn't uprated, but they are still very robust (says the guy who blew up his Aero gearbox on Saturday at Castle Combe :roll: ).

I believe the gearbox was strengthend slightly around 1997, so if you can get a '97-on gearbox, so much the better. This new type of gearbox must be filled with Saab's synthetic gearbox fluid.

Any idea why yours broke?

24th March 2003, 08:38 AM
answers to your Qs

First mine is the lpt :( at the mo however i have ordered a new t28 hybrid :D

First gear shattered and decided to get out of the :oops: casing :x through the rear :evil: