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: A whole lot of questions that need answers. . .

Zeke Kaz
19th March 2003, 04:08 PM
First of all I love my Saab. '99 9-3 Silver, Manual Trans, I have no idea what the HP or anything else about it 'cause I bought it used, everything is stock to my knowlage. I wish it had a little more "attitude", but that is what upgrades are for, so on to my questions.

Most of the parts I am looking at are from Abbot Raceing since they have the most comprehensive/detail orientated website http://www.abbottracing.com/ and the mods include:

1: Viggen Rescue Kit
2: Performance Clutch Plate
3: Bosch Platinum Sparks (will these fit, and would it be a good idea to uprate the wireing?) http://www.boschusa.com/AutoParts/SparkPlugs/PlatinumPlus4/

As a possible upgrade: Tronic Power (computer upgrade, Abbot Raceing)

those are the only 3 that I have found, but I would also like to upgrade the air intake system, so if anyone knows where to find good parts for this let me know. I was looking at True Flow air intakes but I don't know anything about them. http://www.gcaindustries.com/main.htm

Does anyone know if it is true that the European models have better gear ratios than the American models? If so where can I get my hands on a European transmission?

thanks a lot,
-Zeke Kaz-

19th March 2003, 06:11 PM
The first thing that most people on here do is upgrading the exhaust or the suspension. Almost any mod that you do to increase performance is going to need the increased airflow through the air intake and out through the exhaust, so the CAI and exhaust make sense. Then of course, the stock suspension needs some "polishing" to handle the extra performance, right?

As for the CAI - do some research on here or look at Eric's site (http://www.lehigh.edu/~erp4/Saab.html). You can do your own for about $10-$15 and an hour or so of work.

As for the plugs - some people have had luck with plugs other than NGK, but most haven't. I would stick with the OEM plugs (NGK) to avoid any problems, and I think most of us on the board would suggest the same. The gains from changing plugs is negligible and is not worth the headaches it may cause.

Abbott stuff - go for it :!

Good luck and let us know how it's going![/url]

Tweek's Turbos
19th March 2003, 08:31 PM
www.genuinesaab.com has some good products from Speedparts in Sweden. I ordered my JT 3 inch downpipe with no catylitic converter from them. It arrived in 12 days. This part allows the turbo to spool to full boost alot quicker, especialy when combined with the Saabsport exhaust. Please note, without the cat the car is alot louder.