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: Was in the UK; got two items from PartsForSaabs.com

16th July 2006, 10:23 AM
Well...I was in the UK this past week. I was looking online at some parts during a break and was @ partsforsaabs.com. I didn't pay much attention to the address and all. I was chattin with SaabScott on MSN when he pointed out: "why don't you just pick it up...you are in the UK".

I figured....what the hell..what an idea....I looked up the address and lo and behold, they were about 40 minutes away in Finedon. I called them up, ordered the parts and picked them up on Wed. last week. Took about 50 minutes....crazy round-abouts....UK mapquest instructions are bad, so made a wrong turn, but found my way without a problem.

Good group of guys....couldn't chat for long as I had to get back to my the customer site. If any of you are reading this....sorry.

Told my customer I would be out for about an hour and a half, but they had no problems whatsoever.....very laid back and I stayed on onsite longer that day to make up for that time.

Anyways...it worked out well and I picked up the following:

1. Saab 9-3 SS Simota Carbon Charger Air Intake System
2. BSR Stage 1 PPC

Can't wait to get them on the car...any suggestions on the Simota as the instructions are limited....shows you to follow the picture instructions, yet, the pictures are few....it showed a pre-shot of the airbox and a post-shot of the Simota installed...not really helpful