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: intake on 9-3 00'

06-03-03, 06:44 AM
does anyone have any how-to links to give me some basic knowledge on how to work on my 9-3? i've been messing around with it a bit...first question is...whats up with he airbox?! Im tryin to put an open element filter on it, but the maf is part of the airbox?? and where the hell is the dipstick?! :lol:
also, has anyone had any experience with Engstrom's catback? any reviews would help a ton. thanks guys

06-03-03, 07:43 AM
Have you seen my site yet, I have some good stuff on it. I have instructions on modifying the stock intake box. Recently I just purchased a cold air intake and will be posting pictures of that soon.


Jeremy R.
06-03-03, 06:12 PM
There are a couple of open element air filter kits you can buy for your car. You can find them at If I remember right, one of them is around $200 and the other is about half that. I've been very happy with a 3" tube in place of the stock one on my car's airbox. The cost for that was about $4.00 for a piece of PVC sewer pipe at Home Depot. As for the dipstick, it's on the bottom of the bright yellow oil filler cap. That's another one of their aviation inspired designs. You'll find that the dipstick is hard to read, but it works.

06-03-03, 09:47 PM
Eric where did you buy a cold air intake form? How much is it like ogre's where you have to drill through the inner fender into the bumper?

06-03-03, 10:28 PM
I got it from SpeedParts through GenuineSaab, no drilling required. The term "Cold air intake" is over used, and I am guilty of it too. What I have is a cone filter and a heat shield, I guess it should be called an “insulated intake”. Here is a picture of the setup. The bottom picture shows it installed without the heat shield, I need to get some bolts first. I just stuffed the cone down near the fender, fits pretty well actually.


07-03-03, 03:52 AM
that looks great Eric, exactly what i was looking for. thanks for the info on the dip stick. one more question, are there any short shift kits? i can't stand the spongy feel!

07-03-03, 06:51 PM
I have also tried looking for a short throw shift kit to no avail. I have even e-mailed B&M and told them they could use my car to make a short throw shifter