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: 1/4 Mile Times

2nd March 2003, 08:21 PM
Has anyone taken their 900 Turbo to the track? What kinda numbers did u guys get,and with what mods? :-??

2nd March 2003, 10:10 PM
Here's mine, I'm in the right lane. I drive a 1996 900 SE with a SQR stage 3 ECU, dyno test proven 262 ft-lbs at 3100 rpm and 214 whp.


3rd March 2003, 12:04 AM
my best is a 15.7 with a convertable turbo 95. Not bad but still pretty slow.

11th May 2003, 10:08 PM
I jsut got back with a 16.0 with my '95 900 turbo. I know it's nothing to be proud of, but I don't think it's all that bad for a bone stock car and a first time driver.

Tweek's Turbos
12th May 2003, 06:12 PM
I wont go till I get my bumper put on, I don't wanna be laughed at.

12th May 2003, 07:13 PM
i'm too embarrassed to race in any way.. my 9-3 SE has waaay too much turbo lag.. between 1st and 2nd.. and it seems liek it's geared quite poorly..

i go to 5800 in 1st shift to 2nd and i lag for abotu a second.. then it kicks in at about 2800 rpm.. that seems way too low and it takes way to long to pep up again

12th May 2003, 09:28 PM
One of the disadvantages of the APC IMHO... because its basically designed to give a nice linear power curve and to try to prevent wheel spin, so the boost comes on "relatively" slow. For a turbo as small as the t25, that thing should spool right up and the boost should smack ya right in the face! Thats what I want it to do... might make WOT driving a little tougher, but thats fine by me

12th May 2003, 10:15 PM
sorry i'm stupid.. but "APC IMHO"?? and is t25 the turbo i have on my SE model? I understand with the bigger the turbo the more the lag, but what i am feeling is rediculous.. i asked the dealer about it and they said its normal

13th May 2003, 12:06 AM
At the track that I went to, there were plenty of other cars with much worse times than I had. Most people were just suprised to be seeing a Saab drag. However, it still felt good to blow away the civics and eclipses with $700 exhausts and spoilers :cheesy:

13th May 2003, 02:03 PM
sorry i'm stupid.. but "APC IMHO"?? and is t25 the turbo i have on my SE model? I understand with the bigger the turbo the more the lag, but what i am feeling is rediculous.. i asked the dealer about it and they said its normal

IMHO = In my honest opinion... and the APC is Saab Performance Control device.

The basic rule of thumb is the bigger the turbo the more lag, and a t25 turbo is a tiny little turbo, and should therefore spool right up and give you almost instant boost. Ok, now that should occur from a purely mechanical perspective. Saab however uses the APC (which is essentially an electronic boost controller) to control how fast the boost comes on, in this case, it lets it come on "relatively" slow so that the car has a nice power curve and doesn't break the tires free everytime you get on it hard. But the result of this is a lot of lag.

Now if saab didn't use the APC and just depended on the internal Wastegate to regulate boost the turbo would spool up pretty much instantly because there would be no electronic devices regulating how quickly or slowly the wastegate opens, it would just open when enough boost was generated to push the spring in the wastegate open. The problem with this is, in the rain, or even dry pavement, if you gave it enough gas the car will put the tires up every time (and torque steer will be more prevelent), and for the majority of the population this is not a good thing or a desierable driving characterstic, so Saab Purposefully engineered the APC to give this lag so the car has a more linear powercurve. Im not a big fan.

My MR2 with a MUCH bigger turbo comes on much faster and produces much more boost then this tiny t25 does.

I would hope that an aftermarket ECU would change a lot of this and give it much better spool up characteristics..

13th May 2003, 03:15 PM
IMHO = In my honest opinion
I've always known it to mean...In My Humble Opinion :-?

13th May 2003, 03:29 PM
IMHO = In my honest opinion
I've always known it to mean...In My Humble Opinion :-?

haha, its funny because I meant to type humble because I use to think it meant honest, and then someone corrected me a while ago, and I STILL typed honest by accident.. :roll:

13th May 2003, 10:11 PM
is there any way to diengage the APC without hurting anything? or is there away to replace it? somethign not to expensive

28th June 2003, 09:44 PM
Recently I went to test my upgrades and came back with a 15.5 at 92 mph. ...It's a start.

28th June 2003, 10:19 PM
Will buying an aftermarket BOV (Blow-off valve) imporove performance and spooling? Or is it just mainly an "attnetion getter" mod?

Saab Fan
20th November 2003, 01:21 PM
wow am i missing something? with my MBC at around 14.5/15PSI i run 15s no problem?

20th November 2003, 03:19 PM
I went Sep. 27th to a local drag ways. I got a 14.653 @ 97.70 MPH
I got a 99 9-3S
I had no traction in 1st and half of 2nd gear on my 17" tires.
Hopefully i can get a better time with better tires.

21st November 2003, 12:06 PM
takes me approximately 10 minutes :o

What with rushhour queues, traffic lights and school runs :-?

20th April 2004, 11:10 AM
lmfao at this last comment above mine..lol

20th April 2004, 11:22 AM
lag?? You guys dont know what real lag is, drive an older Audi or an old porsche...these cars dont have lag. They are really hard to launch though, either bog down or spin. They arent very well suited to drag racing. I dynoed 224 WHP, have lots of mods and the best I could get was 14.6 @ 101.8MPH. The ET isnt great but the trap speed speaks volumes. Stock the 185HP cars will do about 15.5 @ 89MPH

With a Quaife and drag tires my car would be a rocket. Bloody thing is impossible to launch though

20th April 2004, 12:14 PM
bl**dy thing is impossible to launch though
Thus the need for a 2 stage MBC. you could even do it with a solenoid to put the MBC in stage 1 and the switch to the BPC for stage 2. 1st and 2nd gears with a MBC is a crazy rocket! I need to get to a dyno...

20th April 2004, 12:55 PM
me too man i would love to see what i've got now

Laser Red Turbo
20th April 2004, 01:41 PM
my 99 9-3 S is a 14 second car...... 14.9.. with the mbc turned up just below FC im running 15s all day with no problem.. but my trap speeds are always in the 90s which is nice. and yes, saabs are horrible drag cars.. unless ur damn good at driving ..

20th April 2004, 06:31 PM
My best time the night I went was 15.9 at 92 mph. I had a poor 60 foot time, and was running bad old front tires and my 185/65R15 snows on the steel wheels out back.
THe temp outside was low 50's and I have no had practive launching the car.
I have the 3" airbox mod, P&P TB transition, removed turbo silencer, and Forge diverter valve. I had SPATL's MBC+A hooked up, but because of my dying clutch, I turned it really far down (pretty close to stock levels) so the only real change between that and stock was full boost in 1st and 2nd, which probably hurt me mor than helped me. If I had time to try a couple more runs, I have no doubt that I would have seen around 15.7 or better.
Once I get the clutch done, I might put the MBC+A back in and see if it will work okay for me. I will go back to the track and report my findings once that happens.

20th April 2004, 10:57 PM
boostedsaab ran a 15.0 the other weekend..got me some new rubber and it stuck well!

3rd May 2004, 08:53 PM
13.98 is the best run my 94 900se-t pulled off running a little over 15psi. Ive got a number of mods done to my car including a straight 3" exhaust, that will shave off some time. i hit full boost at 2800rpms instead of 3500 or so. but my saab averaged around 14.2-14.3 and it was cold out side and i was runnin 101 octane

3rd May 2004, 09:44 PM
hey JABM that wasn't u on the track on saturday was it?

3rd May 2004, 09:59 PM
It wasn't me, I haven't been since mid April....whenever the first Friday night of the season was at the New England Dragway

7th May 2004, 02:38 PM
what should an auto 2001 se run in 1/4 stock?