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: apc box in a 88 saab 9000 turbo were?

21-05-06, 05:16 PM
were is the apc box in a 88 saab 9000 turbo.
the door said made in 11/87.
thanks ryan

21-05-06, 05:39 PM
I think itīs below the drivers seat....


23-05-06, 08:39 AM
does your car have DI if so its under the seat if not its under the dash drivers side on a rhd car so possibly on the drivers side on the lhd too

23-05-06, 09:57 PM
what is DI ? if it's something to do with the igntion i think i know what your talking about. and the answer would be no.
thanks ryan

24-05-06, 01:27 PM
what is DI ?

Direct Ignition :- red cover over spark plugs and no distributor or plug wires

non DI will have standard ignition set up ie distributor and plug wires ;)

31-05-06, 06:12 PM
yes its a non DI

01-06-06, 02:06 AM
apc will be above driver's feet. the DI/APC units are below the seat