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22nd February 2003, 03:37 PM
Im looking to upgrade my turbo the T25 is weak and doesnt cut it, on erics site he says the turbo form the 9000 94 and up works but how much horsepower do you think that gives as an upgrade. Would a custom turbo upgrade be more worthwile? Does anyone have any experence in this matter any imput is greatly appreciated. Thanks

22nd February 2003, 03:44 PM
Actually I have been meaning to update my site to show a better turbo upgrade option. Turning the stock T25 into a T28. Your T25 gets sent to a tuning company such as http://www.forcedperformance.net/ or http://www.turbochargers.com/. They will bore it out and install a larger compressor and turbine. The convenience of this being that it will bolt right up. Maptun does this for their stage 4 and 5, with outputs over 300 hp.


28th February 2003, 04:36 AM
are there any turbo upgrades that bolt up? i WAS going to get a saab 9-3 03', but due to finances i found a 9-3 00'..whats up with having to have to put the gear in reverse to take out the key?? i was hoping to run my old turbo timer on it. has anyone hooked up an apexi super afc or does everyone just get the chip? also is the tb drive by wire or cable? thanks for any information guys, seems like i will have lots of fun with this car.

one more thing, any clutch upgrades? the clutch on mine seems a bit spongy