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: Saab 9000 Kill Switch

11-04-06, 05:55 AM
I have a 1990 saab 9000 Carlsson (2 litre turbo), i am wanting to fit an ignition kill switch. I want to fit a single switch to a wire going to the red apc/di box under the passenger's seat (no relays or anything), and want the starter motor to still work but not for the DI cassette to fire. Can anyone help please?

11-04-06, 06:23 AM
you would be better off going into the back of the relay for the fuel pump and cutting one of the thin wires to that, this will have the double affect of inhibiting the pump and the spark

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11-04-06, 07:23 AM
i thought of that but the main reason for installing the switch is that i'm fitting nitrous oxide and i need to be able to turn the engine over without it firing up (as if the DI cassette was unplugged) to make sure there is no nitrous in the cylinders on startup. If i put a switch on the fuel pump the car will actually start wont it? even if only for a few seconds

11-04-06, 08:20 AM
If the fuel pump doesn't run, you don't get any spark. I know it sounds odd, but that's the way Saabs work ;)

11-04-06, 09:07 AM
the fuel pump relay also powers the di cassette, so cutting the power to the pump also cuts the power to the di cassette

11-04-06, 02:14 PM
OK thanks alot for your help everyone:D