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20th February 2003, 11:14 PM
I've got a '95 900se and just looking for some opinions on piqqy-back engine management systems that leave it to the operator to make the modifications. (ie:Smart Tuner found on bimmertoys.com) My thoughts are that, if you know what your doing, you can improve power/effeciency for less money than a complete ecu upgrade. And as a person adds more upgrades like turbo conversions you can adjust the chip to adapt to the changes. But I know that saabs are kind of sensitive to universal upgrades like that. And for all I know, something like a piggy back unit could end up screwing up the engine. Has anyone looked into this kind of mod?

24th February 2003, 07:27 PM
Hi there, For my '95 900S (that l am transforming into a race car :cheesy: ) the dude at Swedish Dynamics strongly recommended me a systeme managment sold by www.sdsefi.com.
He spoke highly about there quality, good bang for the buck (about $1100.00 for whole system) and the huuuuuuge difference in the power department. Reliability didn't seem like an issue :o Good luck and let us know...