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: Some Viggen Bling for the car.

Tweek's Turbos
05-04-06, 05:48 PM %3A%3EWSNRCG%3D323363764%3B3%3B%3Bnu0mrj

Valve cover and new gasket goes on tomorow, fresh sideskirts from a maroon 03 Vert come in early next week.

Bumper parts are collected, will install later this spring.

06-04-06, 09:02 AM
what is it with these cars ?

i have owned lots and lots of saabs in all sorts of shapes and sizes but until i bought my 9-3 i never really got into the modding thing, now there's no stopping me and from the look of it there's no stopping every one else either :lol:

is it the se bumpers you're getting of the viggen bumpers?

06-04-06, 09:06 AM
is it the se bumpers you're getting of the viggen bumpers?

In Tweek's case, he just needs bumpers of any kind!;) :cheesy:

Ben, can't wait to see the final look!
Should be cool!:cool:

06-04-06, 09:35 AM
hehe, it wont be the same when he gets a bumper fitted :lol:

Tweek's Turbos
06-04-06, 12:02 PM
I know, I just need to source a rear bumper, and have everything fitted and painted.

Dark green, with the CF trim, and black 18's like XxmotomaxxX is rolling on, or black 17.8s from an 01 Aero will look sweet.

Ive also reversed my position on CF hoods too, I think Kevin's vented style will fit the car's look nicely.

06-04-06, 12:10 PM
Tweek I can't wait to see it done, are you gonna do that CF trim like on the side and mirrrors to cover the greay texture top on the bumpers:o would be truly unique.

will look great either way:cool: